Harry Rag

5. Oktober 2018 – 12. Januar 2019 Belmacz, 45 Davies St, London W1K 4LX

The first UK solo show by German artist, Tim Berresheim, features a multitude of elements: the iconography of the cigarette butt, several autonomously drawing robots, his electronic music and experimental, digital configurations.

Berresheim’s innovative, high-tech computer rendered imagi create a radical new interface located between technology and art. In it, highly complex, yet immensely playful arrangements of digital and analogue pictorial devices are merged. For instance, Berresheim flays the human body and reintroduces it in the fourth dimension through laser scanning, creating a digital skin-surface as a ‘point-cloud’ to manipulate and probe. Such augmented realities challenge the viewer’s perceptions and habitual experiences. When confronted with the potential for digital art to continuously update and mutate, the artist’s methods hold unlimited possibilities of production through automation. At the same time, his practise reaches deep within the pre-media art historical context, playing with the Western iconography and particularly the visual low-technology of Renaissance painting: hair tufts that give shape to binary code rather than adorn shoulders; and his app which expands linear perspective into four dimensions.

Throughout the duration of the show there will be an extensive program expanding the artist’s realm with augmented bonus material, interviews, talks and music by his band ‘The Wait Watchers’.

(Press Release Belmacz)